Travel + Adventure

Traveling is more than finding cool places and trying new foods, it’s about creating memories that last. I would love to travel more and meet you and your love anywhere you want to go. Whether it be another state or halfway across the world, I’m down to capture the adventure of a lifetime. All travel fees are included in package pricing. Contact me to receive my full, detailed travel investment guide and pricing.


January: Big Sur, Carmel

February: Austin

March: Tulum, MX

April: Oklahoma City, Austin

May: Waco

June: Orange County, CA

July: Rosemary Beach, Iceland

August: Ireland, Amsterdam, Alaska, Austin

September: Big Sur, Carmel, San Francisco, Sonoma

October: Houston, Big Sur, Carmel

November: Italy, London, Austin

December: Dallas


January: Dallas

February: New York City, Rosemary Beach

March: Honduras

April: Dallas

May: Shreveport

June: Turks & Caicos, Houston

July: Houston, New York

Traveling and exploring this world is one of my greatest passions! I cannot wait document your love at your dream location.